What Is Tungsten Alloy (wolfram) Military Swaging Rod

Tungsten Alloy(wolfram) Military Swaging Rod
Swaging greatly increases tungsten alloy rod's ultimate tensile strength. The ultimate tensile strength of regular tungsten alloy rod is 1050 MPa . However, after swaging, the ultimate tensile strength can reach 1200 MPa min, we can even control tungsten alloy military swaging rod at 1500 MPa. Tungsten alloy military swaging rod is one of our main products. The composition of tungsten alloy military swaging rod is 90%WNiFe. Our common types:
Diameter: 12mm~28mm, Length: less than 400mm;
Diameter: 20mm~400mm, Length: less than 500mm.
We can manufacture other products according to customers' specific requirements.
Tungsten Alloy(wolfram) Swaging Rod Main Properties for Military :
* High density
* High melting point
* Small volume
* Excellent hardness
* Superior wearing resistance
* High ultimate tensile strength
* High ductility
* High temperature resistance
* Low vapor pressure
Main Processing of Tungsten Alloy(wolfram) Swaging Rod:
1). Mixing
2). Pressing
3). Sintering
4). Heat treatment
5). Swaging
6). Machining
Repeated heat treatment and swaging is performed need at least several times.
In this way, tungsten alloy swaging rod can be improved at tensile strength as well decrease elongation and impact toughnes.


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