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Re:Tungsten Super Shot and Tungsten Core For AP Bullets

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U.S. media exposure to China's Super anti-satellite weapon: or use the Dongfeng 41 missile to do the carrying equipment

China is building a High-tech space warfare weapon system, including anti-satellite missiles, laser weapons, GPS jammers and killer satellites, which will give China an edge in future military conflicts, the Asia Times website published an article by U.S. columnist Bill. The paper says the report specifically mentions China’s plan to attack satellites with nuclear electromagnetic pulses, saying that Chinese anti-satellite missiles can paralyse near-earth orbiting satellites using only one warhead. The article said a Chinese official had publicly threatened to launch a nuclear magnetic pulse attack in the conflict over the Taiwan Strait, detonating a nuclear bomb in outer space over 1100 kilometres east of the island to stop U.S. aid to Taiwan. The report stresses that, with increasing ASAT capabilities, China will have the ability to accurately damage near-Earth orbit reconnaissance satellites, medium-orbit GPS navigation satellite and geo-orbiting missile early warning satellites. T…

Tungsten Stabilizer Weight


When Everyone Health Matters

Here is a good news for you, because you’ve specialized in given five star care, you are dedicated to give exceptional care with uncompromising excellence to your patients. We at Guangxi Chentian Metal Product are pleased to introduced different forms of radiation syringe shield that will enhance total care inside and out, these shields are designed to reduce hand exposure for clinicians during preparation and administration of radiopharmaceuticals’ or the administration of high-energy isotopes for PET, they accommodates the most commonly used conventional and safety-engineered syringes and they are easy to use. Our Tungsten Radiation Shielding are: ØThin, light-weight and easy to use ØCompatible with automatic washing equipment ØEasily sanitized with alcohol wipes and unobstructed visibility to tip of the syringe. ØAt least 2mm thick tungsten shielding and fits most disposable syringe. ØDelivered in just 20 business days.
We have various radiation shielding which include; Syringe Shield with…

Make Riveting Enjoyable

Do you know that sheet metal workers operating bucking bars are at risk of developing hand and wrist strain/fatigue?  This is due to exposures to hand-transmitted vibrations and forceful exertions require to operate hand tools. New Tungsten Bucking Bar technologies have been introduced in efforts to reduce work place vibration exposures to workers. Tungsten are over twice as dense as normal steel, they absorb the shock allowing workers to rivet more effectively for a longer period of time. If the metal alloy is soft, the bucking bar will wear quickly or not provide the necessary assembly support. Alternatively, if the metal alloy is too hard and brittle, the bucking bar will fracture easily. At Guangxi Chentian Metal Product, we have optimized our process to strike a balance between hardness and tendency to fracture. We strive to provide a durable and reliable product. All edges are debarred and working surfaces are polished for convenient and safe use. They are made; to reduce the recoi…

Just For You

We areintroducing a new technology tungsten alloy super weight counterweight of different sizes. The counterweight is used to balance the rotatory motion, which exert opposite force, providing balance and stability of a mechanical system, which is purpose for lifting the load more efficient, which saves energy and is less taxing on the lifting machine. At Guangxi Chentian Metal Product we provide this tungsten alloy counterweight in different sizes and other technical specifications according to your requirements. Why you should choose our counterweight: ØRugged design and accurate dimension. ØElevated durability and resistant against corrosion. ØImpressive thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. ØOptimum strength and dimensional accuracy. The counterweights have broad usage in several application areas such as machinery, aircraft, logging industries and many more. Visit our webpage today at…

With Your Thought In Mind/ Amazing Season Await You

We at Zhuzhou KJ Super Materials Co., Ltd. are proud to inform you about the new and amazing innovation in tungsten shot for hunting. Advanced manufacturing technology has been employed recently which has enabled most turkey hunter leave the traditional method and employ the new method of shot gun loads and choke tubes, which deliver patterns and power that is amazing. There are varieties of shot available in different sizes and gauges, some require extra precautions to ensure that it does not damage your gun or choke tube. Some are expensive and out of reach for hunters due to relative small market target. At Zhuzhou KJ Super Materials Co., Ltd. we offer wide range product range which include; Tungsten Super Shot (TSS), Tungsten Cube Shotshell Reloading, Hand loading (TSS), and many more which are popular in the US, Canada, Spain and some other countries. Why you should choose us: üWe own more than 40 patents for invention and product appearance which ensure our tungsten alloy product are…

Heavy Tungsten Guide Rod For Glock


Just shoot It

Like a popular saying “nothing clears a troubled mind better than shooting a bow” as you shoot arrows into the air, draw not your bow till your arrow is fixed. In order to be sure that your arrow is fixed Zhuzhou KJ Super Materials Co., Ltd. introduced X10 Tungsten Point for Archery. Arrowhead is the primary functional component of the arrow. Some arrows may simply use a sharpenedtip of the solid shaft, but separate arrowheads are far more common, usually made by hard materials. Tungsten point protect the arrow shaft better when shooting hard strait target, they are major enhancement to survivability of the arrow, especially in windy conditions. Weintroduced a break-off technology which is a standard arrowhead equipped with one or more break-offs at its end. This break-off system gives high flexibility for arrow tuning. It rounded shape makes it little gentler to the target and easier to drag out. Tungsten point advantages compared to normal points for X10’s are as follows: ØThey are short…

PLA Air force promotion video gone viral in China


Celebrate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People's L...


Tungsten Alloy Fishing Weight


Tungsten Super 18 Shot (TSS)


Why Use Tungsten Alloy : Tungsten Alloy Core for AP Bullets

Why Use Tungsten Alloy : Tungsten Alloy Core for AP Bullets: Tungsten alloy, also called tungsten for short, is used as a new lead-free small caliber core for national defense. Small caliber cores r...

What Is Tungsten Alloy (wolfram) Military Swaging Rod

Tungsten Alloy(wolfram) Military Swaging Rod
Swaging greatly increases tungsten alloy rod's ultimate tensile strength. The ultimate tensile strength of regular tungsten alloy rod is 1050 MPa . However, after swaging, the ultimate tensile strength can reach 1200 MPa min, we can even control tungsten alloy military swaging rod at 1500 MPa. Tungsten alloy military swaging rod is one of our main products. The composition of tungsten alloy military swaging rod is 90%WNiFe. Our common types:
Diameter: 12mm~28mm, Length: less than 400mm;
Diameter: 20mm~400mm, Length: less than 500mm.
We can manufacture other products according to customers' specific requirements.
Tungsten Alloy(wolfram) Swaging Rod Main Properties for Military :
* High density
* High melting point
* Small volume
* Excellent hardness
* Superior wearing resistance
* High ultimate tensile strength
* High ductility
* High temperature resistance
* Low vapor pressure
Main Processing of Tungsten Alloy(wolfram) Swaging Rod:

Tungsten Alloy Core for AP Bullets

Tungsten alloy, also called tungsten for short, is used as a new lead-free small caliber core for national defense. Small caliber cores rages from 9mm to 0.50 caliber including 5.56mm, 7.62mm, 9mm, 0.38 and 0.45 caliber, etc., could be produced by tungsten mixtures metal with the same techniques used for the construction of lead-containing bullets but without any poison to environment. It is just as lethal as the standard core of 5.56mm without harming the environment. The day end the use of environmentally hazardous materials in small caliber cores for all ammunitions is coming.
Besides, as a high density metal, tungsten is mixed with the binder such as nickel, iron, copper, cobalt, etc. to produce the components with controlled density and mechanical properties. Powder metal mixtures such as tungsten small caliber core is simply cold pressed to produce a high-density material with superior properties, e.g. high hardness, good ultimate tensile strength, excellent elongation, etc.


Tungsten Shielding

Guangxi Chentian Metal Product Co.,Ltd has been manufacturing and offering tungsten related products for more than 20 years, and we have been able to manufacture, export and supply an optimum quality of tungsten alloy radiation shielding. Tungsten radiation shielding in different sizes and specifications according to the need of our esteemed clients are available for us to supply. Our tungsten radiation shielding products are widely used in PET rooms, linear accelerators, HDR rooms, gamma knife, and nuclear power plants.

Key Features of Tungsten Alloy Radiation Shielding :

1.    tungsten alloy radiation shield is capable for radiation exposure that could be reduced by maxing shielding.
2.    tungsten alloy radiation shield is having higher density therefore it has better stopping power and shielding capability
3.    Equal amounts of tungsten alloy radiation shield provides reduced risks rather than equivalent lead shielding
4.    tungsten alloy radiation shield is having radiographic…

What Is The Tungsten Alloy Bucking Bar

The best price,the high quality, the most complete specifications of the tungsten bucking bars are from Guangxi Chentian Metal Product Co.,Ltd.

 Tungsten bucking bar are placed behind work surfaces to provide a backing member in applying impact fasteners and including intermitted tool head and handle parts with a low-recoil impact-absorbing spacer provided there between to take shock loads in compression and shear. A rivet gun is a type of tool used to drive rivets; nearly all rivet guns are pneumatically powered.

Bucking bars are used on the backside of a metal rivet gun to counter the force of the hammering and to create bucktail. Bucking bar also can be used to absorb the force of rivet guns, reducing the vibration of bucking.

Tungsten bucking bar used to form buck tails on rivet guns. And bucking bars come in many different shapes and sizes, and they are normally made from alloy steel similar to tool steel. The particular shape to be used depends upon the location and accessibilit…

Why Use X10 Tungsten Point for Archery

Break-Off is a standard arrowhead equipped with one or more break-offs at its end. This break-off system gives high flexibility for arrow tuning.
Bullet - Shape:
This classic form is used very often in Fita target shooting. Through its round shape it is a little gentler to the target and easier to drag out.
Tungsten (Wolfram):
Tungsten is a brilliant white metal with high hardship, density and consistency. It is about three times as heavy as conventional stainless steel and is used for arrowheads to shift the weight even more into the arrow point. This gives the arrow tuning another advantage.
The deposit of tungsten on the surface of the earth is about 0.0001 g/t. Therefore tungsten is a very rare metal and accordingly very expensive.
Break-Off Technology:
Break-Off points conform the standard arrowheads for carbon arrows with the feature that it is possible to tune the weight.
The grooves for the glue, at the shaft of the head, are purposely low- shaped. This preve…

Why Use Tungsten Alloy Super Weights for AR15 Heavy Buffer?

This tungsten alloy super weight for AR15 buffer system is manufactured by inculcating the best quality tungsten alloy and pioneering technology under the vigilance of our adept proficient
Offered counterweight is used to balance the rotatory motion
Furthermore, we provide this tungsten alloy counterweight in different sizes and other technical specifications as per customer's specific requirements at market leading prices
Rugged design and accurate dimension
Elevated durability and resistant against corrosion
Impressive thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance
Low thermal expansion and highly density
Low volume and high density and good electrical conductivity
Optimum strength and dimensional accuracy
In order to make all kinds of counterweights, tungsten is considered as an ideal raw material
Manufactured counterweights have their wide usage in several application areas such as machinery, aircraft, logging industries and many more
These are made in …

Why Do We Need Tungsten Alloy Radiation Shielding?

With rapid development of medical science, more and more tungsten radiation shieldings are used in our lives. Medical instruments x-ray and nuclear power stations have become widespread and are now affecting all our lives. It is essential that people paid more attention to radiation and even more important for the institutions to protect public from the radiation exposure and to make sure to protect every radiation source of X-ray radiation, gamma radiation (energetic electromagnetic radiation), radiation of alpha particles (helium atoms) beta particles (electrons) and cosmic radiation, etc.

In order to protect patients, doctors, nurses and other people who may be exposed to radiation, sources of the radiation must be safely separated and shielded. It is crucial that holding and delivery instruments for radioactive materials would keep the radiation levels low enough, not to create harmful effects of ionizing radiation such as breast cancer, skin cancer, etc. Lead and steel are the tr…

Tungsten Shot for Hunting

Spring gobbler hunters always seem to be tweaking something, whether it’s their various call lineup, to camo patterns and, especially, shotgun loads to deliver the best pattern possible when the moment of truth arrives.
In recent years technology has taken shotgun loads and choke tubes to the next level, and longbeard chasers have literally bought into it and outfitted their shotguns with shotgun shell and choke tube combos that send a swarm of shot downrange toward an unsuspecting gobbler.
It’s gotten to the point where you wonder what will be next.
Well, wonder no more. There’s a hardcore fraternity of turkey hunters and reloaders who have taken that next step, hand-loading TSS – Tungsten Super Shot – shotgun shells with incredible results. I’ll stop short of talking about the extended range these loads offer because I’m an old-school – maybe just plain old – turkey hunter who feels it’s a 40-yard game, or should be.
But the patterns and power these loads deliver is nothing short o…

Why Use Tungsten Alloy Hunting Shot ?

Tungsten alloy shot is used as the shot for hunting shells. The pellets spread upon leaving the barrel, and the power of the burning charge is divided among the pellets, which means that the energy of any one ball of shot is fairly low. In a hunting context, the product makes shotguns useful primarily for hunting birds and other small games. Tungsten alloy shot properties: Its benefits come from the fact that it is denser than any other shot material, including lead, steel or bismuth. To understand how the density factors into performance, let’s look at two spheres about the same size, a golf ball and a ping-pong ball. The golf ball is far denser and will fly farther and hit harder. Now reduce that size down to two single pellets, one steel and the other a tungsten alloy. Get the result. The tungsten will fly farther, hit harder and penetrate deeper. That means more birds, farther out, with fewer cripples. The beauty of tungsten is you also can reduce shot size and retain all the …