Make Riveting Enjoyable

Do you know that sheet metal workers operating bucking bars are at risk of developing hand and wrist strain/fatigue?
 This is due to exposures to hand-transmitted vibrations and forceful exertions require to operate hand tools.
New Tungsten Bucking Bar technologies have been introduced in efforts to reduce work place vibration exposures to workers. Tungsten are over twice as dense as normal steel, they absorb the shock allowing workers to rivet more effectively for a longer period of time. If the metal alloy is soft, the bucking bar will wear quickly or not provide the necessary assembly support. Alternatively, if the metal alloy is too hard and brittle, the bucking bar will fracture easily.
At Guangxi Chentian Metal Product, we have optimized our process to strike a balance between hardness and tendency to fracture. We strive to provide a durable and reliable product. All edges are debarred and working surfaces are polished for convenient and safe use.
They are made; to reduce the recoil when reflecting the impact back to the rivet gun shaft, to reduce vibration and kick back while riveting, to makes riveting easier and more enjoyable and  many more.
Make riveting enjoyable, visit our webpage today  for Tungsten Bucking Bar of different sizes and shapes that fits your riveting needs, custom bars can also be made to your specifications.

Guangxi Chentian Metal Product Team


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