U.S. media exposure to China's Super anti-satellite weapon: or use the Dongfeng 41 missile to do the carrying equipment

China is building a High-tech space warfare weapon system, including anti-satellite missiles, laser weapons, GPS jammers and killer satellites, which will give China an edge in future military conflicts, the Asia Times website published an article by U.S. columnist Bill.
The paper says the report specifically mentions China’s plan to attack satellites with nuclear electromagnetic pulses, saying that Chinese anti-satellite missiles can paralyse near-earth orbiting satellites using only one warhead. The article said a Chinese official had publicly threatened to launch a nuclear magnetic pulse attack in the conflict over the Taiwan Strait, detonating a nuclear bomb in outer space over 1100 kilometres east of the island to stop U.S. aid to Taiwan. The report stresses that, with increasing ASAT capabilities, China will have the ability to accurately damage near-Earth orbit reconnaissance satellites, medium-orbit GPS navigation satellite and geo-orbiting missile early warning satellites. This will help Chinese forces to attack U.S. satellites, ground facilities and networks, destroy the U.S. military command and control system, refused to stop U.S. troops into the Pacific, Indian Ocean.
Gotz said that China is currently deploying 2 land-based mobile anti-satellite missile interceptors and will develop two larger and more advanced anti-satellite weapons systems based on a four-level space rocket or an “easterly-41” intercontinental ballistic missile. China is also developing a mobile orbit satellite, which has been confirmed to have 3 space-based anti-satellite interceptors operating on orbit. Next, China may also develop anti-satellite weapons systems such as electronic jammers, small satellites for space catchers, laser weapons and suicide-bombing satellites.
A Chinese expert pointed out that the United States in the development of outer space militarization has been an absolute leader, not only in space, the most satellite, all over the high school low orbit, all kinds of military satellites dazzling, not long ago again launched the mysterious $literal. Gotz and the US think tank report to avoid this, but unprovoked rendering China’s peaceful use of space is the so-called military threat, there is no reason.
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